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End of 2022 teaching English update

Mon Nov 28 10:30:44 UTC 2022

Read a summary of the latest news for all our English qualifications.

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As we move toward the end stages of the autumn term, I hope things are going well. Thank you to all the helpful teachers who have engaged in fruitful exchanges on Twitter and at events.

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution 1: share the good news about onscreen assessment

One part of education we’re passionate about is how onscreen assessment can contribute to students’ progression. If you'd like to hear more about how we're bringing onscreen assessment to life in UK schools, visit our website and sign up for emails.

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    "There has never been a stronger reason than all the things that are happening, to try and show students that they are members of a global society."    

Bennie Kara, Author and Deputy Headteacher

New Year’s Resolution 2: don’t let up on promoting diversity in English

Read our two most recent blogs (and give @benniekara a follow on Twitter):

Strategies for diversity in English

Why a diverse English curriculum matters more now than ever


When can I access the exam materials from the November 2022 exam series?

Exam materials may be accessed with your Edexcel Online login as follows:

  • Question papers: 15.11.22
  • Mark schemes: 6.12.22
  • Examiner reports: 17.1.23
  • Results day: 12.01.23

We will publish a secure mock for English language 2.0 later in the spring term.

International GCSE

January 2023 exam series

Good luck to those students sitting exams in January.

From around 23.11.22: Learner Work Transfer portal and Edexcel Online open for mark/grade/sample submission

Guidance on digital submissions

Exams run 9-16 January 2023.

Access the timetable

Secure publication of January 2023 exam materials on our website (Edexcel Online login required for access):

  • Question papers: 31.1.23
  • Mark schemes: 21.2.23
  • Examiner reports: 7.3.23
  • Results day: 2.3.23


For 4ET1 we will publish the question papers and mark schemes on 20 January 2023 so that you have earlier access to papers containing the poetry anthology question.

Access to full 4ET1 mock

A kind colleague has shared a composite 4ET1 01 for you to use as a mock including the anthology poetry if you need one before January. We will release the question paper and the mark scheme (under padlock) of the January 2023 Int GCSE English Literature 4ET1 early on 20.1.23 so that you have 2 secure papers in the correct format with anthology poetry (4ET1 & 4ET1 R) to use for students preparing for the June 2023 exam series, in addition to the composite paper.

Slides, recordings and resources from the network held on 10 November 2022

For recent Int GCSE updates (including key information for the January 2023 exam series and support for the revised 4EA1 coursework for 2024) and summaries of exam feedback from June 2022, do access the slides and recordings (Edexcel Online login required):

English Language A

English Literature

Access the handy one-sider summary:

June 2022 4EA1 examiner reports

Access ideas about how to teach the Part 3 poetry in thematic groups and a thematic course planner for 4EA1.


English Language

We are now close to the publication of the June 2023 pre-release materials on 1 December. Book your place on the 9EN0 03 pre-release Q&A in January and submit your questions for the event. We only run the event if we receive questions about the new subtopics. You can access general guidance on how to approach the research and investigations in the introduction section of the 2022 guidance.

English Literature

If you teach Doctor Faustus, you may be interested in this call for papers

Providing for students for whom GCSE English may not be appropriate and choosing English qualifications

The guide provides a useful overview of the alternatives to GCSE. The qualifications listed can also be used as ‘stepping-stone’ qualifications during KS4.

Access the guide


The guide below explains your English choices and the differences between our 2 GCSEs in English Language as well as providing guidance on the various International English GCSEs.

Access the guide


Functional Skills

If you’re getting started, the three pinned posts here signpost you to all the key documents and guidance.

This great playlist has recordings of the FS training provided this term.


Entry Level Certificate

Key deadlines: entries by 21.2.23 and grade and sample submission by 15.5.23.

If you’re an approved Edexcel centre you can start preparing students for this at any point (having made an entry in February). The tasks for writing and speaking & listening are in the specification and the reading assessments are accessed below.

Access reading assessments

Mocks service and new moderation service

Have us mark your mocks or use the moderation service to get feedback on your department’s marking of GCSE English Language.

Mocks service 

Most questions are answered in the FAQs and the terms and conditions.

Access FAQs

Access Terms and conditions

Take a look at a MAT talking about the impact of using the moderation service.

Access the talk

If I don’t write again soon, I wish you a good break over the festive period and look forward to supporting you in the New Year.

Best wishes


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