BTEC Engineering - January and February 2020 external assessment dates

26 November 2019

This update includes the January and February 2020, external assessment dates for BTEC Tech Award, BTEC First and BTEC Nationals in Engineering. 

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Secure Tests

We have a new place on our website to access all secure test materials (live external assessment materials) in one place. The papers in this area will be gold padlocked, meaning only exams officers can download them. 

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BTEC Tech Award in Engineering

Component 3: Responding to an Engineering Brief (21141K)

Release date Window for supervised period Submission deadline Length

Part 1: 03/02/2020

Part 2: 07/02/2020

Part 1: 03/02/2020 - 06/02/2020

Part 2: 07/02/2020 (AM)

Part 1 and Part2 :


Part 1: 2 hours

Part 2: 1h 30m

Teacher instructions

Teacher instructions are made available 4 weeks prior to Part 1 release date. This will be on 06/01/2020 for the February 2020 series. 

Access past papers and administrative support guide (ASG) here

BTEC Firsts in Engineering

Unit 9: Interpreting and using Engineering Information

Code Date Length


21925G (Welsh)

09/01/2020, AM                           1 hour

Unit 38: Materials Used in Engineered Products

Code Date Length


21945G (Welsh)

14/01/2020, AM                           1 hour

BTEC Nationals in Engineering

Unit 1: Engineering Principles

Code Date Length
31706H 13/01/2020, AM                           2 hour

Unit 3: Product Design and Manufacture (31708H)

Release date Window for supervised period Submission deadline Length

Part A: 09/12/2019


Part B: 08/01/2020

Part A prep:

Completed in the week before starting Part B. 


Part B Supervised:

08/01/2020 - 22/01/2020


Part A: 3hours


Part B:

8 hours

Unit 6: Microcontroller Systems for Engineering (31725H)

Release date Window for supervised period Submission deadline Length
06/01/2020 06/01/2020 - 17/01/2020


12 hours

Access past papers and administrative support guides (ASGs) here

BTEC External Assessment Overview

The BTEC External Assessment overview document includes key dates and information on all BTEC externally assessed units and components. You can filter this spreadsheet with Engineering to view all external assessment information in one place. 

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