GCE Economics A: delivery support

Tue Jan 14 11:39:00 UTC 2020

GCE Economics A: delivery support

Resources, both free and paid-for, which might support your teaching of Edexcel GCE Economics A.

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You may also be interested in a sister page which tries to support your understanding of the assessment of the qualification.

Free support

The qualification page provides:

  • a Getting Started Guide (which provides more detailed specification guidance)
  • an editable scheme of work
  • course planners
  • content from past training events
  • options evening materials (poster and leaflet)

If you are a Business teacher who has been asked to teach Economics A the pre-recorded training below could be very useful.  It covers the following areas of the specification:

  • market failure diagrams and areas of welfare loss that come from different causes of market failure
  • the AS/AD model and the difference between the Keynesian and Classical AS curves
  • the revenue and cost diagrams associated with the Theory of the Firm.

Keeping up to date

The following resources allow you access to support in the form of case studies and up-to-date news stories:

Paid-for support

In terms of paid-for resources there are two endorsed textbooks from Pearson and from Hodder.

In addition, there are a number of unendorsed resources you might find useful from commercial providers:


We have a GCE Economics A Facebook group where you can share ideas and post questions. The group has over 350 members.

As well as the Facebook group there is a new, public, subject community where you will be able to see all posts without logging in, although you will need to log in with your Edexcel Online details to post a comment.

Subject advisor

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Business and Economics
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Colin Leith, Business and Economics subject advisor
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