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Tue Feb 05 00:00:00 UTC 2019

The FT's free online subscriptions to students aged 16-19, their teachers and schools around the world is a very valuable resource for all Economics teachers.  

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The Financial Times offers a free digital subscription to schools around the world who have students aged 16-19. This allows teachers to access and use articles, charts, data and video in their teaching and learning and allows learners the chance to broaden their reading and knowledge.

Getting started

The first step is for a teacher or administrator to complete the simple registration form to get access.

On the registration page teachers can check whether their school is already registered and if so, request a link directly allowing them to create individual accounts.

Once registered, students and teachers can create individual accounts so they can read online at home and on mobile, and download the FT app. They will also receive a weekly email with highlights and recommended reading.

Subscribing teachers get access to a list of articles, sorted by topic with suggested questions and tasks to use in class.

The ‘Debating point’ page suggests articles for class discussions encouraging students to read different perspectives on a topical issue, vote and contribute their own comments.

What else is available?

The UK economy dashboard provides up-to-date graphs on key economic data including GDP, inflation, unemployment, the major business surveys, the public finances and house prices. This can help you provide your students with the latest figures they can analyse in Themes 2 and 4 of both the Economics A and Economics B qualifications and develop their quantitative skills (QS9).

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The searchable graphics hub gives teachers access to clear charts and graphics which can tell a story or introduce a story and also help develop the QS9 skill.

For example, this graph showing the A level subjects with the largest percentage growth in 2017.

Teachers and students can also:

• follow the FT For Schools Twitter account @FT4S
• take part in a weekly news quiz
• share articles at schools@ft.com.

Teachers are also invited to join the FT4S advisory group, pick articles and make FT content relevant for teaching by contacting schools@ft.com.

Students also get news of competitions organised by the FT in collaboration with partners who in the past have included the Bank of England, Chatham House, the World Bank and Core Economics.


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