September 2022 Construction update | Pearson qualifications

September 2022 Construction update

5 September 2022

Dear colleagues,

Welcome back! I hope that you all had a great summer holiday and had the time to relax, disconnect and spend time with your loved ones, and are recharged for the academic year ahead. Here is your September 2022 update to help you get up to speed. In this update you will find:

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Post results services reminder

From results days, you are able access post results services, where you can ask for review of marking and access to scripts of learners’ exams papers. Find out more about these services from the below links. Please remember that you do require written candidate consent to trigger these services.

BTEC Registration deadline

Registration deadline for BTEC qualifications is 1 November 2022. Registrations made after this date will be subject to late fees.

Grade boundaries - summer 2022

Grade boundaires for externally assessed BTEC units were published on results days. You can access these from the link below.

Grade boundaries

Winter (January/February) 2023 exam timetables

Exam timetables for winter 2023 series are published and accessible from the link below. 

Exam timetables

Past papers from summer 2022 series

Updated Specification for BTEC Nationals in Construction and the Built Environment

As part of our annual qualification review process, we have made the following amendments to our suite of BTEC Nationals in Construction and the Built Environment from September 2022.

Amendments to our suite of BTEC Nationals in Construction and the Built Environment

Access the updated specification documents from the qualification page

Details of the amendments and information on what pages they are on, can be accessed from the table in the front pages of each specification document.

VQ bulletins

The VQ Bulletin is a consolidated briefing from Pearson, which contains all the key updates you need about our vocational qualifications. A summary of the latest news, and status of qualifications, with links to our web pages where you can find more detail, it's the easiest and most comprehensive and up-to-date source of what is happening for Pearson vocational qualifications.

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BTEC Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment (2022) updates

Please see links below to access the latest information and updates on the BTEC Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment 2022. 

Access the specification page

Read the 'get ready to teach' update

Access the key dates schedule

Access quality assurance documents

Access FAQs

BTEC Tech Awards (2022) Marking and moderation for Internally Assessed Components - training events

During these sessions, you will learn how to apply a 'best fit' approach to marking your learner's work in response to the Pearson Set Assignments for internally assessed components. The marking grids will be applied to standardised examples of learner work to enhance your understanding of how learner evidence meets the criteria. You will get a full overview of the moderation process, including preparation and submission of learner work through Learner Work Transfer (LWT) on Edexcel Online, moderator feedback and amending marks.

There are 3 days for BTEC Tech Awards in Construction. See dates below to click and register. 

12 October

18 October

22 November

Support and contact

Please feel free to get in touch, if you require any help or support in your delivery. You can access contact details from the contact card below.

Wishing you a successful and enriching academic year ahead.


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