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BTEC Creative Media Digital Production update

1 June 2015

As we move towards the end of the teaching year, this update covers final exhibitions, mark submission deadlines and key dates for results.

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We're now moving into the final phase of the teaching year where Creative Media work is being prepared and put up into end-of-year shows for family and friends to share.  

Some of your students will be moving on to further and higher education, and it's a very emotional time for everyone. If you're having a final show or exhibition of your work and want to share some images, please email me at the address below. 

Results key dates

Exam series 

Results available on Edexcel Online and can be released to learners 

Post-results services
available from 

Certification date

January 2015

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Thursday 5 March 2015

Friday 29 May 2015

June 2015

Wednesday 19 August 2015 (Level 1/2)

Thursday 20 August 2015 (Level 1/2)

Friday 30 October 2015

Submission of marks for BTEC programmes

The mark submission deadlines for BTECs are on a rolling programme, which means that marks can be submitted throughout the year for certification. This means that if for any reason a student cannot complete a unit because of illness, for example, they can complete and certificate further along the line.

The dates on which you can submit and the dates by which you will receive certificates in centre are shown in Section 12 (12.1) of the information manual.

For example, if you submit marks on the SRFs and post by Friday 5 July 2015 or use Edexcel Online by Friday 24 July you will receive certificates in centre by Friday 14 August, which is in time for your results day(s).

Please note: This applies to QCF BTEC grades and NQF BTEC internal grades only; externally moderated marks/grades will be applied by Pearson.

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