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BTEC 2016 Nationals in Applied Science update

Mon Feb 29 11:17:00 UTC 2016

This update is about the new NQF BTEC 2016 Nationals in Applied Science for first teaching September 2016, designed to meet the Department for Education's criteria for Applied General 16-19 qualifications.

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Throughout autumn 2015 we delivered several NQF BTEC 2016 Nationals in Applied Science launch events, both face to face and online, across the UK, and were delighted to make contact with so many of you from schools and colleges. Several events attracted more than 80 delegates, and that challenge was reflected in the number, diversity and detail of questions asked.

Reading below you will find relevant and important links to information that will help you and your department make a decision regarding the adoption of this exciting new vocational qualification.

You can download specifications, sample assessment materials, teaching support and sign up to BTEC updates to keep you well informed throughout 2016 and beyond.

You can play the 'Step into your future' video to learn about the BTEC 2016 National suite and click on each of the '+ icons' for a quick summary of important NQF BTEC 2016 features.

Scroll down further to download the specifications of the five different sized qualifications, from half an A-level to the full 3 A-level equivalent.

Under the tab for Teaching & Learning materials there is ‘Past Training’ from the Launch Events. Plus we have begun to post Schemes of Work and Delivery Guides. 

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Pearson Authorised Assignment Briefs and Sampled Marked Learner Work are now available under the Internal Assessment tab. 

Read below regular updates on the important issues of student registration, assessment, performance measures and funding. 

Now do please sign up for a Getting Ready To Teach BTEC 2016 Nationals in Applied Science event near you. 

In March's update I’ll explain more about the different types of assessment.

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