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BTEC Level 3 results day - summer 2019

21 July 2019

This update is to remind you how to access some documents and services that you may need during the results period for BTEC Level 3 Nationals. 

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BTEC Level 3 results day: 14 August 2019

BTEC results are available on Wednesday 14 August. Learners can be informed on this day and don’t have to wait until A level results day on Thursday to receive their results.

Raw marks and grade points for externally-assessed units

To find out about the raw marks your learners have achieved in the externally-assessed units, please follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to Edexcel Online
  • Enter your centre number
  • From the drop down menu, select BTEC.
  • Hover over External Assessment from the menu
  • Select 'view results by assessment booking'
  • Fill in series/programme/unit and click next.
  • Select programme and click export results

You will get a .csv file with the information you want. The information for the grade points is in the column headed UMS.

Please note that in order to access this you will need the ‘Results’ box ticked in your Edexcel Online user profile. It is not the policy of all centres to make this available so you may have to ask your exams officer to print out the spreadsheet for you. You can watch our video tutorial below for more information.  

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Grade boundaries for the latest set of externally-assessed units

The grade boundaries for the May 2019 exam series externally-assessed units are available on results day on the grade boundaries page of the website.

Access the grade boundaries page here

Please note that the raw mark grade boundaries change from series to series. The raw to point calculator is on the website to confirm how the raw marks are converted to points for past series.

Download and use the BTEC Nationals raw to points calculator

Grade statistics – BTEC results for benchmarking

The grade statistics for the 2018-2019 academic year are published in late October/early November on the grade statistics page of the website.

Access the grade statistics page here

These statistics can be used for benchmarking purposes.

Please note that in line with all qualifications, learner achievement is reported at qualification level and not at unit level.

Access to Scripts (ATS)

Our Access to Script (ATS) services allow you to request copies of your candidates' marked exam papers. Scripts do not have examiner annotation on them. The marked script allows teachers to evaluate how the student performed on particular questions in relation to what they have been taught; the Principal Examiner's Report and the exemplars that we make available demonstrate how the mark scheme is applied.

Candidate consent

To use the free access to script service, you need to have candidate consent. 

Signed consent from each learner, obtained after the publication of results, is required as a condition of using our free Access To Scripts service.

Results day may be your only opportunity to obtain such consent so you may wish to have a set of candidate consent forms ready for learners to sign as they collect their results.

How does ATS work?

First, you need to have the Exam Viewer box ticked in your Edexcel Online user profile. If you don’t, please ask your exams officer to do this. Your EO may have to phone your account specialist to get your profile updated.

Second, select the menu option ‘Script Viewer’ at the bottom of the opening menu in Edexcel Online. This will open the self-service portal.

Find out more about this service and access the user guide

This service is available until 13 December 2019.

Reviews of Marking and Moderation (RoMM)

Reviews of Marking and Moderation was formally know as Enquiry About Results (EAR).

You can request a review the marking of exam papers for individual candidates and the results for each candidate will be reported separately. Candidates must be made aware that their marks and subject grades may be lowered as a result of the review and must provide their written consent before an application is submitted.

Please speak to your exams officer if you wish to proceed with a Review of Marking and Moderation (RoMM).

The last date for us to receive applications for reviews of marking services is 19 September 2019.

The deadline for requesting a priority service 2 review of Level 3 marking is 22 August 2019 (service P2 - a priority review of marking available if a Level 3 candidate’s place in higher education is dependent on the outcome).

Find out more about the post-result services

Changing a learner registration after the results (dropping down)

If a learner is not eligible for a qualification, having achieved a U, for example, in an externally assessed unit, it may be possible to transfer to a smaller size.

Please ask your exams officer to change the registration in Edexcel Online. There is a video for exams officers in Edexcel Online called ‘Transfers’ to explain how this is done.

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Question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports

Question papers from summer 2019 series are available on the qualification pages, under course materials - external assessment tab.

On results day mark schemes and examiner reports will also be available from the same page.

We wish you and your students a well-deserved break over the summer, and the best of luck on results day.


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