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T Levels March 2022 Update

17 March 2022

Welcome to your March E-Bulletin.

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We have several vacancies for T Level examiner and assessors available across our suite. Getting involved in marking is a perfect way to increase your knowledge of the specification, understand what sits behind the marking process, and improve your overall knowledge of the qualification – which will support your teaching and delivery too.

Look at our Working With Us page for more information.

Pearson will be utilising our ResultsPlus platform to support the T Level Core Examinations. ResultsPlus is a free online results analysis tool for teachers that gives a detailed breakdown of your students’ performance in Pearson Edexcel exams, BTEC external assessments, and now T Level Core Examinations.

Core Examination results will be available on ResultsPlus on student results day, enabling you to access and review student marks in more detail. For more information visit our ResultsPlus website.

Core assessment results for the 2021 November Series (Autumn) are as follows:

  • Wednesday 16th March 2022 – Results released to Providers, embargoed for students
  • Thursday 17th March 2022 – Results release to students

We are looking for Digital examiners to mark Core Paper 1: Digital Analysis, Legislation and Emerging Issues, Core Paper 2: The Business Environment, and Employer Set Project. Apply now.

For those of you delivering the Surveying and Design for Construction and the Built Environment Occupational Specialism Assessment, an Additional Centre Guidance (ACG) document will be made available W/C 21st March to support the delivery of this assessment.  Within this will be details of the building required for Task 2 Surveying.

The ACG will be uploaded to the secure area of our website under gold padlock. A link to the material can be found on this page.

This material can be accessed using the Exam Officers EOL log in details. Please refer to the timetable for all release dates.

We recently published a student case study from Exeter College.

For those of you delivering Accounting and/or Finance this September, please remember to:

  • Gain Provider Approval
  • Watch our Getting to Know the Specification pre-recorded sessions
  • Book onto the Getting to Ready to Teach events
  • Book onto our first Q&A Network Session for Acc/Fin

We are still seeking expressions of interest for our Legal Services Provider Validation Panel (PVP) – this is where we ask you to take part in the development and work with us to make sure the Technical Qualification is right for your students and manageable for you to deliver. 

To become a member, you must: 

  • be intending on delivering Legal Services in September 2023.

  • be experienced in delivering Legal or Law qualifications/units. 

  • be able to attend PVP meetings (these will be remote, via teams or zoom) to discuss content, assessment, manageability, resources etc. 

Let us know if you want to join the PVP

These half termly Q&A sessions with the Sector Manager and Subject Advisor will give you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss with other tutors your experience with delivering the T Level and share good practice. Details and weblinks to register onto our events are below. 



Accounting and Finance: 

These are a selection of pre-recorded briefings to help you get to know the Technical Qualification specification. 

Generic Introduction: This includes where to locate the specification, a high-level overview of the contents, and key areas to pay attention to. 

Core: This gives a high-level overview of the Core Component and its assessments, how to read the specification, the high-level content of the exams, and how the tasks for the ESP are structured. 

Occupational Specialist Component: This gives a high-level overview of the Occupational Specialist Component and assessment, how to read the specification, and how the tasks for the OS project are structured. 

Pre-recorded sessions can be found below.

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These sessions are aimed at UK based teachers, lecturers or trainers who are new to delivering the T Levels or who would like to refresh themselves. 

There is an expectation that delegates will have watched the pre-recorded ‘Getting to know the specification’ briefing prior to attending this event as an overview of the TQ structure and specification will not be covered here.

The session gives you with an opportunity to interact with the presenter, who will take you through:

  1. Planning your programme 
  2. Reviewing elements of the content and practical ways it can be delivered
  3. Signposting the ongoing support available to you


  • Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction (Core Component) - Awaiting trainer availability, plan is to run these sessions in the first two weeks after Easter break.
  • Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction (Occupational Specialism) - Awaiting trainer availability, plan is to run these sessions in the first two weeks after Easter break.


Accounting and Finance: 

Ofqual have updated their exam procedure review service, which applies for GQ and the Technical Qualifications in T Levels. The route to the service is via Providers, except for private candidates who can apply direct.

Entries for the Digital Occupational Specialism Assessment for the Summer 2022 Series are now closed.

We have made some amends to the assessment dates for the Hazardous Materials Occupational Specialism and the Building Services Design Occupational specialism. We have also extended the late entry window. Entries for the CONSTRUCTION Occupational Specialism Assessments for the Summer 2022 Series are still open. We are now in the late entry period; therefore, late entry fees will apply. Late entry will close on 24 April 2022. The deadline for very late entry is the 25 April 2022.

Please remember, you must make an entry for every student wishing to enter the assessment.

Providers need to ensure that they make entries for all students with an active 2020/2021 registration and remove any student(s) that have withdrawn from the qualification.

Entries for the Core Component for the summer 2022 series are now open. The standard entry window for the Core Component closes on 21 February 2022. 

A support video on how to make entries is available via the Provider webpage. 

Please remember, you must make an entry for every student wishing to enter the assessment.  

Students entering for their initial attempt must attempt both Core Exams and the Employer Set Project. 

Providers wishing to make entries for re-sits please ensure you are familiar with the re-sit rules. These can be found in the TQ Specification, or use our support video on ‘assessment, results and re-sits' which can be found on the Provider page

For Providers commencing delivery in September 2022 the approval window is now open. You must gain approval for each Technical Qualification you wish to deliver.

To support you, a short Provider Approval video can be found our Provider Page under General Admin Support Videos. Please watch this before starting your application.

All supporting documents and approval forms can be found in the Course Materials tab, this includes.

  • A Guide to Provider Approval
  • Guidance Document Pearson Vocational Provider Approval Application for T Level Technical Qualifications
  • Pearson T Level Technical Qualification Delivery Approval Application Form
  • Pearson Vocational Provider Approval Application for T Level Technical Qualifications

If you have any questions about Provider Approval, please contact us via the service portal.

Pearson’s T Level Quality Reviewer (TQR) undertake monitoring calls to discuss your delivery, administration, and quality assurance. This call is to make sure you maintain ongoing compliance with our quality assurance measures to keep your approval status for the delivery of the Technical Qualification.  

The TQR will check the quality of delivery, confirm implementation of guide/grade exemplification materials, confirm you are on track for assessment and are accessing our Provider Support.  

We will monitor activity that could affect approval status:  

  • Registration patterns 
  • Student outcomes 
  • Quality issues identified by our TQR 
  • Reports of maladministration or malpractice 

Please note the TQR is not a technical subject expert, as such they will not be able to answer questions on specification content or curriculum delivery. For this, please take advantage of the ½ termly Q&A Networks (see above) or contact the Subject Advisor direct, their details are on the relevant TQ webpage.

This summer will see an exciting milestone in the T Level calendar, with the first cohort due to complete in August. We know that many of your T Level students have started to think about their progression and next steps, with some starting to make job/apprenticeship and/or UCAS applications. We would love to hear some of your success stories and details of T level students with job/apprenticeship or HE offers (e.g. for degrees/HNs/HTQs). If you have any case studies, please email Ria Bhatta, our Head of Stakeholder Engagement with the following info:

  • Name of student
  • Centre name
  • T Level route, pathway, and occupational specialism, which they undertook that Pearson offers
  • What the job/apprenticeship/HE offer is (e.g. company and job role, or HE course and institution)
  • Any other key details you wanted to highlight

We hope to publish a small selection of a range of case studies submitted to us in summer term. We cannot wait to read about your success stories.

We want to find out more about the way you are teaching or planning on teaching T Levels and about your planning for the Occupational Specialism assessments.  Please could you spare a few minutes to complete our Delivery Questionnaire, we will include your feedback into future planning of our T Level Technical Qualifications.

Contact us

Do not forget, if you need to contact us about T Levels you can do so by the Pearson Support Portal. The portal is an online tool you can use to raise your query and track its progress. We will inform you once a member of the team has a reply for you.

Go to the Pearson Support Portal

All the best,
The Pearson T Levels Team


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