International GCSE comparability
Pearson’s international GCSE is developed, designed and benchmarked to be of equivalent standard to our GCSE 9-1 qualification regulated by Ofqual.

A level maths breach update: Police confirm arrests have been made
Following a serious security breach at a Centre involving the breach of an A level maths paper in advance of an exam sat on June 13, Pearson has been informed by the police that they have arrested two individuals and are detaining them for questioning.

A level maths breach – letter to University Admissions Officers
In light of recent events relating to our GCE A level Mathematics qualification, I am writing to keep you updated on the latest news and what this means for some of your prospective students who may have sat these exams.

Level 2 Tech Award grading tables change
We are sorry for not being clear that our new Level 2 Tech Award grading tables were subject to change.

International GCSE and GCSE comparability - November 2019
Pearson news update from Sharon Hague, Senior Vice President, Pearson Qualification Services.


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