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A level maths breach update: Police confirm arrests have been made

Following a serious security breach at a Centre involving the breach of an A level maths paper in advance of an exam sat on June 14, Pearson has been informed by the police that they have arrested two individuals and are detaining them for questioning.

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Sharon Hague, Senior Vice President, Schools at Pearson Edexcel, said: “We understand students are rightfully concerned and want a fair playing field. The actions we have taken to strengthen our security processes has enabled us, in conjunction with the police, to quickly identify those who we believe were involved in the breach and to take swift and immediate action.

We are systematically working through all leads and, as we continue to investigate the suspects, this will enable us to further hone in on anyone that has gained an advantage, and take action accordingly. Our key priority is ensuring no students are disadvantaged in any way.”

The UK exam system has strict controls in place including security requirements on exam boards, logistics companies, schools, colleges, and their personnel. However, it is also built on a foundation of trust, that those given responsibility for the security of papers, honour that trust. We are sorry that the actions of a small number of individuals have resulted in such a breach.

We are limited in what we can say as the investigation is ongoing, however, we are committed to being transparent and we will provide more information as soon as we can.



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