Professional bodies

We work with professional bodies across the globe to ensure our qualifications are fit for purpose and meet industry standards. 

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Professional bodies accept our qualifications in a number of ways, such as recognising them as a route to employment or providing exemptions for progression to professional membership or qualifications.

These important relationships ensure that learners can be confident that they are gaining the practical skills they need to be work-ready upon graduation, and to support their career progression and professional recognition.

How to get involved

Formally recognise the value of our qualifications and the skills our graduates gain.

The logos indicate some of the professional bodies that recognise our qualifications. You can also browse our library of recognition using the links below:

Simply get in touch with us to complete one of our recognition letters. 

Professional body logos

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This involves both parties undertaking a mapping exercise to determine the alignment between modules of each qualification. Exemptions will then be mutually agreed and formal confirmation is provided for us to publicise.

Provide student membership to our learners whilst they are studying, or offer a discounted membership upon graduation.

This acts as a mutual tool to promote Pearson qualifications as a route towards professional membership.

Design and commission qualifications and content that can be used to support your organisation or sector’s training and development needs and fill a specific skills gap.

This brings together our education expertise with your understanding of the skills required, to produce tailored education solutions.

We understand that it is vital to include practicing experts at every stage of our qualification development process.

  • Join us at the planning stage of the qualification and be involved in clarifying its purpose, as well as feeding into curriculum design.
  • Participate in the validation of a qualification at the final stage of the process, where the programme specification and content are reviewed to ensure that it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of the profession.

Partner with us to sponsor an event. From talking about employability skills to panel discussions on specific subject areas, jointly hosted events can prove excellent promotional tools for both parties.