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Subject update | 8 March 2021

March 2021 Engineering update

This months update focuses on the outcome of the Ofqual consultation and the alternative arrangements we can currently clarify for summer 2021. 

We are currently working on the details of the alternative arrangements and we will provide further guidance and support as soon as we can.

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Response to joint DfE and Ofqual consultation outcome

Following on from the consultation decision, we have published the following response which confirms where we are with the plans for summer 2021 assessment. 

Read the response here

We will be providing further guidance and support in relation to the qualificaiton-level Teacher Assessment Grades (TAGs) and how this will work. 

We will also issue follow-up guidance once we are ready to receive the relevant grading information and declarations from your centre. For now, we can confirm that exam entries for the summer 2021 series should be made by 25 March for learners that were due to take external assessments in summer 2021.

Read the decisions on alternative arrangements for the award of VTQs and other general qualifications in 2021.

Read the consultation decision here

Confirmed adaptations in the Engineering sector

Reduced internal unit assessments applies to the following qualifications:

  • BTEC Nationals in Engineering suite (RQF)
  • BTEC Nationals in Engineering suite (QCF)
  • BTEC Specialist AME, Rail Engineering, Composites Engineering, Machining, Aerospace and Aviation Engineering 
  • BTEC Firsts in Engineering

Depending on the size of the qualification, a reduction of 1 or 2 internal unit assessment can be reduced. See the adaptation document in the link below for details of this adaptation and how it applies to specific qualifications.

The reduced internal assessment will apply to learners certificating in summer 2021, and learners who registered in September 2020, and who will be certificating in summer 2022.

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See document below to find out about the adaptations made to the BTEC Tech Award in Engineering for 2020-2021 academic year. The adaptations mean a reduction in the assessment of some learning aims. 

These mitigations apply to those learners who will be completing their assessments for these components in this academic year (2020-2021) regardless of the intended certification date.

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Standards Verification 2021

To fulfil the requirements on quality assurance, Standards Verification will continue in a different format and with a different core purpose this year - to support the Qualification-level Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) process. I

Read the update on standards verification 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all sampling will be conducted remotely. We strongly recommend that centres to submit their standards verification samples digitally using Pearson’s Digital Learner Work Transfer platform (DLWT) or their own file-share platform.

Read how to submit files via DLWT

VQ Bulletins

VQ bulletins are sent to centres with information about the current status, adaptations and more. You can access the latest issues of the VQ bulletins below. In this issue, you will find information on the post-consultation arrangements. 

VQ bulletin issue 9 - 2 March

Access all bulletins and sign up from the blog below.

VQ bulleting blog 

Frequently asked questions 

These useful FAQs, which are kept up-to-date, answers most of the questions in relation to the current status, including FAQs on post consultation arrangements, standards verification, cancelled exams and more. 

Acess FAQs here

BTEC Awards 2021

Nominations for the BTEC Awards 2021 are open! In what has been an unprecedented year, teachers everywhere have been working exceptionally hard to keep learning going and support their students to achieve their potential. If you’d like to recognise a BTEC learner or teacher, nominate them here.

BTEC Awards 2021

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