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Subject update | 12 July 2022

Amendments to our suite of BTEC Nationals in Engineering from September 2022

As part of our annual qualification review process, we have made the following amendments to our suite of BTEC Nationals in Engineering from September 2022.

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What are the changes?

In our BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Engineering, we have added Unit 7 Calculus to Solve Engineering Problems as an additional optional unit to enable learners to select this unit as an aid to progression to higher education.

In our Diploma and Extended Diplomas in Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic and Manufacturing Engineering we have added 2 new optional units:

Unit 59: Principles of Electrical Machines
This unit is in barred combination with Unit 15: Electrical Machines due to duplicate content. The inclusion of this new unit removes the financial burden for specialist equipment currently placed on centres with Unit 15 to enable more centres to deliver this unit to their learners to meet the needs of local industries and progression to higher education. By retaining both units, centres can choose which is the most appropriate for them.

Unit 60: Autonomous Mobile Robotics
This unit has been added to the qualifications based on feedback received from stakeholders and continuing the inclusion of new content around digitalisation, automation and robotics that will be needed to meet the future needs of the engineering sector. The content and assessment requirements of this new unit complement delivery and assessment across existing units including Unit 6: Micro-controller Systems for Engineers and Unit 56: Industrial Robotics.

These new units are available for learners starting their BTECs in Engineering from September 2022. Authorised Assignment Briefs will be available on the qualification webpage shortly.

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If you have any questions or queries regarding these amendments please contact our Subject Advisor team.


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