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Subject update | 24 March 2023

GCSE Citizenship Studies: Clarification regarding the UK and EU relationship (for Summer 2023 exams)

This update includes clarification regarding expectations for Summer 2023 exams with regard to content on the UK/EU relationship. 

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Changes to GCSE Citizenship Studies content

In Autumn 2022, changes were made to our GCSE Citizenship Studies specification following the Department for Education’s new content requirements.

To support these changes, we released:

An updated specification

A document highlighting the key changes to the specification

New sample assessment materials

Support for the new content including useful links to support teaching

Following this we have since released some FAQs in response to questions we have received from teachers.



Implications for teaching and assessment

All changes made come in to effect for first teaching in the academic year 2022/2023, and first assessment Summer 2024

Please note the 2023 exam series will remain unchanged.

What does this mean for discussions of the UK/EU relationship in the 2023 exam series?

As Citizenship is a relevant and dynamic subject, it is prone to being in these situations where the laws change and then specifications have to adapt to reflect this. 

The current Year 11 2023 cohort will be assessed against the non-updated specification. This content details the relationship between the UK/EU prior to the updated position so this will be the knowledge that is expected of students in summer 2023. 

The examining team are aware of the fact that the specification that will be examined this year does not reflect the current position.  If there is a question regarding the EU and the UK's relationship, candidates will be credited for writing about the previous relationship (as detailed in Issue 1 of the specification) or the current position.

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