SVQ and competence-based qualifications Hospitality Services (L5) - 2017

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Here, you'll find everything you need to study for or to teach our Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Hospitality Services at SCQF level 5. This work-based qualification is aimed at learners who may cover multiple functions while working in housekeeping, reception, food service or food preparation in small hotels, restaurants or caf├ęs.

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SVQ in Hospitality Services at SCQF Level 5 specification
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Qualification type:
Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ)
Qualification title:
SVQ in Hospitality Services at SCQF Level 5
SCQF Level 5
Accreditation status:
APS code:
First teaching:
Last registration:
  • Thu Jun 30 15:56:03 UTC 2022
Final certification:
  • Sun Jun 30 15:56:04 UTC 2024

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