Transition from legacy to new specifications

Please make a note of the following transition and examination key dates for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Business, Economics and Information Technology.

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Biology Timetable
Chemistry Timetable
Physics Timetable
Maths Timetable
Business Timetable
Economics Timetable
Information Technology Timetable


The final legacy examinations are structured as follows:
Final AS examinations, including resit is June 2019
Final A2 examinations is October 2019
Final resit is June 2020
Mathematics continue to have examinations in the normal way until the introduction of the new Pure Maths 1, Pure Maths 2, Pure Maths 3, Pure Maths 4 and Decision Maths 1
The last sitting for the Applied ICT qualification is June 2019.

The first AS Unit 1 examination of the new 2018 specifications is January 2019.

The first AS award in the new 2018 specification is June 2019.

The first A level award of the new 2018 specification is June 2020.

No it will not be possible to combine unit results, apart from Mathematics. Contents and assessments are different.

Other IAL subjects are not currently being redeveloped and will continue as they are.  

Next Steps

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