We’ll have a programme of teaching and learning support available as early as we can to help you implement the new specifications.

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Available now:


  • Guide to using literary texts
  • Guide to translation
  • Guide to classroom talk strategies
  • Guide to answering questions in the target language
  • Guide to vocabulary learning strategies
  • Guide to incorporating culture into the MFL classroom
  • Guide to rubrics in the target language
  • Guide to conducting the GCSE Speaking Assessment.

Other teacher support

  • List of useful websites
  • Editable vocabulary spreadsheets
  • Image bank.

Mapping charts

  • Using your current Pearson GCSE resources to begin teaching


  • Incorporating culture into the MFL classroom
  • Classroom talk
  • Grammar and translation

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Free classroom activities booklets

As part of our range of free support we have produced translation and literary text booklets featuring activities for your classroom.

Translation booklets include 20 activities, translation into and from the Target Language, and student-friendly translation strategies. The activities cover both Higher and Foundation tiers.

Literary text booklets (available soon) will include 9 extracts, comprehension activities and student-friendly strategies for literary texts. The activities will cover both Higher and Foundation tiers.

To receive your free booklets, simply attend a free half-day launch event.

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