The subject content for the new GCSE (proposed first teaching in 2023) places greater emphasis on explicit teaching and assessment of phonics. We have therefore updated our phonics support to make the tools you need for teaching phonics more accessible.

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Updated Dynamo and GCSE Studio 5-year schemes of work

For those of you following our Dynamo and Studio 5-year course structure, we have updated our 5-year schemes of work with a new ‘Phonics’ section that highlights weekly opportunities to teach or revise sound-symbol correspondences (SSC). Every SSC from the new GCSE subject content is comprehensively covered across the 5 years in these schemes of work.

The words chosen to exemplify each sound are closely linked to the phonics resources and Key Language in our coursebooks, but you do not have to purchase our teaching and learning resources to make use of our schemes of work.

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Phonics videos

We have made the phonics videos from our Dynamo 1 course freely available on our website. Together they contain 25 sounds with accompanying actions, which you can use as introductory phonics activities with your students.

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Key sounds poster

We also have a vibrant Dynamo key sounds poster that covers most of the sounds from the phonics videos. Why not print it off and display it in your classroom?

See Dynamo key sounds poster (PDF | 2.9 MB)


Session 1: Introduction to Phonics in MFL teaching

This is a free, pre-recorded event exploring the importance of embedding phonics teaching in your MFL schemes of work, through KS3 and KS4.

Session 2: Effective strategies for integrating teaching and learning of phonics in the Modern Foreign Language classroom

In this 1.5 hour session on 29th November 2021, we will explore a range of teaching and learning strategies that can be used for both introducing and recycling phonics knowledge in the MFL classroom, from KS3 to KS5.

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