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Join the fastest growing GCSE English qualification and reignite your students’ love for the subject.

Our GCSE English Language 2.0 qualification has been designed to engage and motivate students through a wide range of contemporary texts that reflect the diversity of our learners. With relatable and accessible content, this new, real-world qualification supports learners across the whole ability range.

Why switch to GCSE English Language 2.0?

  • An engaging choice of contemporary and diverse texts to motivate candidates.
  • Real world, relatable content provides a strong foundation for further academic or vocational pathways.
  • A qualification which is suitable for the whole ability range.
  • A choice of writing tasks and a 19th Century non-fiction text element requiring no co-teaching of literature.
  • A wealth of free support throughout teaching of the qualification.

SwitchUp: our exclusive switch offer...

We’re offering an exclusive package to all centres* wanting to switch to GCSE English Language 2.0. Combining dedicated support, a complete assessment offer and high-quality training, the SwitchUp package will help you and your students to get the very most out of the qualification.

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Hear from our centres

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best switch experience, we asked our centres to share their experiences of teaching GCSE English Language 2.0 and the support they received.

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