Mocks analysis

Help track student progress using ResultsPlus mock analysis. 

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To provide you with more in-depth information and analysis of your students’ mock exam results, you can use our free, enhanced mock analysis service, via ResultsPlus, our online results analysis tool. You simply need to mark the mock papers and load the results at question level into ResultsPlus to receive a rich analysis of your students’ results question by question, along with a skills breakdown of their performance. The results will help you to identify students’ strengths and inform where students need more support and practice.

You can also find some standardisation training materials, including real student scripts and a step by step tutorial video from 2019, that will help you mark mock papers.

Access the standardisation training materials

How can my school or college take part?

With your Edexcel Online access you can download exam papers and mark schemes. Please ask your Exams Officer for your login details if you haven't used this before. 

Have students sit the mock exam papers.

Use the standardisation training materials to help you mark the papers.

Access the standardisation training materials

Upload your students’ results into ResultsPlus Mock Analysis following the instructions provided below:

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