Summer 2021 support

The Department for Education (DfE) and Ofqual have confirmed their approach for issuing grades in summer 2021:

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  • Exams will not go ahead as planned
  • A teacher-assessed grades approach will be used for all UK-regulated qualifications, including GCSE, AS and A level, AEA and Projects
  • Judgements will be quality-assured by awarding organisations
  • Teachers will collate a ‘basket of evidence’ for pupils expecting to receive a grade this summer
  • Students will be able to appeal their grades

The consultation also confirmed that students will only be assessed on the content that they have been taught, and that there will not be a requirement to assess a minimum proportion of the course content.

Spoken Language Endorsement

The consultation outcomes stated that students were encouraged to continue with and complete any non-exam assessment, in this case the Spoken Language Endorsement, but confirmed that learners who are unable to complete their SLE will not be penalised.

You will not be required to record or submit evidence for your students’ Spoken Language Endorsement (SLE). SLE grades will not be monitored in 2021.

Please submit your students’ SLE grades in the normal way, via Edexcel Online.


We will be supporting you and your students every step of the way with the 2021 summer arrangements. The summer 2021 assessment materials for centres are now available via the link above. You can also access our support Overview Document which brings together all the resources you need to support your grading decisions.