Diversity guides

In order to ensure teachers and students have opportunities to engage with more diverse texts when studying Pearson Edexcel A level English Literature, we have produced a number of  coursework guides for teachers and students to use when considering their coursework text choices.

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The first guide we produced was the Black British Literature guide and this has now been joined by three further guides - an LGBTQ+ guide, a British Asian guide and a Pioneering Women Writers guide. This shows our commitment to widening the range of texts that students can engage with, and help them to read texts where they can encounter characters and themes that may resonant with their own identities, or challenge them to think beyond their own experiences . We also want to ensure that students are being exposed to literature from a variety of British writers from different backgrounds, and are reading about contemporary issues that they can engage with and relate to. 

All of the guides can be downloaded below (please login with your Edexcel online details to access the guides, login details can be obtained from your Exams Officer):