Approaches to co-teaching our AS and A level English 2015 specifications

Our Edexcel AS and A level English 2015 specifications have been designed with full co-teachability woven throughout the courses.

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This unique feature means that AS and the first year of A level can be taught at the same time, with students in the same class covering the same content.

We’ve put together some course planners and FAQs to illustrate how this can be done, and help you to co-teach AS and A level.

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Only teaching A level?

If you’re only teaching A level classes and you decide not to enter your A level students for the AS exams, then you can approach the course content in any order to best suit your needs.

How are AS and A levels assessed?

AS and A level content will be assessed to a different standard, appropriate to the level of study. Students who sit the AS exams and then continue to the full A level will be assessed on their AS content again, at the end of their course of study, at the A level standard.