Pearson Level 1 and below April 2024 newsletter

Qualification news | 3 April 2024

Welcome to the Pearson Level 1 and below newsletter for April 2024 covering all things below level 2 including Level 1 Intro, Entry Level, BTEC Workskills and BTEC Personal Growth and Wellbeing. 

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We hope you have enjoyed the spring term and are ready/having a restful Easter break.

Spring/Summer is traditional time when centres start to think forward to their curriculum offer in the future. If you need help or support in making these important decisions please contact customer support or alternatively Kelly Adams direct so we can help ensure you have the optimum curriculum for your needs.

Wales Reform

We have commenced our first discussions with Qualification in Wales regarding the new 14-16 education reforms where we have reviewed aims and purpose alongside other awarding organisations for the qualifications in foundation/VCSE and also Skills for Life and Work.

We will continue to have regular meetings with QIW regarding these qualifications.

If you would like to learn more read the full 14-16 qualifications offer decision report

If you have any concerns, you would like to put forward in regards to the development of these qualifications or would like to ask a question for clarification on a particular aspect of what you have read please contact customer service and add the line for attn of Kelly Adams and Kelly will endeavour to get back to you.

England Reform

As we progress ever closer to Cycle 3 for post 16 reform in England, we have put together a webpage to provide you with more information.

Learn more - The future of post-16 level 1, entry vocational qualifications in England

Currently the webpage only contains information pertaining to Level 1 and Entry Level qualifications. The DfE have just announced the consultation on the draft standards for the new employment and PSHE qualifications please see below for this important update.

England Reform PSEQ

In England new standards are being developed for post 16 and adult Personal Social and Employability qualifications. These standards are currently open for consultation until 20 of May. If you are a centre delivering our Workskills or Personal Growth and Wellbeing qualifications or a centre delivering another type of these qualifications, we would encourage you to read and respond to the consultation in order to ensure your views are listened to as centre views are very important in any reform developments. 

Consultation - National Standards for Personal, Social and Employability Qualifications

New teaching and learning resources 

This month we have been focusing on training. We have just now released some on-demand training to help centres understand how the standards verification works in Level 1 and Entry qualifications. Access the training below.

A walkthrough of the SV process for Level 1 intro and Entry qualifications (WBL model) (22:23mins)

We have also added some on-demand training videos for best practice in Internal Verification Processes. These are available for Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism and Business and can be accessed through our main YouTube channel. 

BTEC Below Level 1, Workskills and Personal Growth and Wellbeing playlist

Just as a reminder if you haven’t seen it already there is a short on-demand training video available for first update on the post 16 reform in England  If you are a level 1 or entry level teacher, or tutor we would encourage you to take the time to do so.

Information about Level 1 and below Cycle 3 Reform First Update (15:39min)

New Content for April on the Skills Channel

Please save our playlist on YouTube for the latest Teaching and Learning Skills Video.

Pearson Skills playlist

Our latest video is about A Multi-Sensory Approach to Teaching. Multi-Sensory approaches to teaching are very inclusive and can really benefit Entry and Level 1 Learners. In this video we provide examples on how you can use this approach and bring the concept to life through simple adaptations to teaching.

A Multi Sensory Approach to Teaching (9:52mins)

Monthly Blog

We often get asked about workbooks and the use of workbooks in the Level 1 and Entry Level qualifications, so we decided to put a blog together this month called Navigating the Workbook Way: What Works and What to Avoid in the Level 1 and Entry Classroom to discuss our thoughts on what works and what doesn’t when using workbooks with these qualifications. Please bear in mind the qualifications offered at these levels are practical and so if opting to design workbooks it is very important to fully consider this in your planning and design to ensure learners have the opportunity to learn from these practical skills.

Read Navigating the Workbook Way

Monthly Podcast

Finally, do take the opportunity to listen to our Below L2 Workskills and PGW insights blog on Spotify. This month’s episode is on how to use a sensory box to support learners in the classroom. In this short podcast product manager Kelly and Training and CPD manager Hattie discuss how sensory boxes could be used to support learners who are differently abled or anxious in the classroom. 

Check it out. It is a useful listen.

Spotify - BTEC Below L2 Workskills and PGW insights

Please enjoy the rest of the Easter holiday’s and please contact Kelly Adams if you need any support.