Security update - September 2023 | Pearson qualifications

Security update - September 2023

Tue Sep 19 10:00:00 UTC 2023

An update on everything new within the Security and Protective Services sector.

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Get Training Update 

The SIA has released an updated version of Get Training. It is available to download from the Useful Documents section of each of the Security qualification pages. 

Please note that the ‘Checking identification’ section on page 9 has been updated. The requirements are now as follows: 

In order to register for the course, learners must provide 1 document from group A and 2 documents from group B from the SIA’s list of acceptable identity documents: SIA list of acceptable identity documents.

Before sitting the knowledge assessments (i.e. at the start of the test session) learners must provide an original photo ID from the SIA Group A list of acceptable ID documents. If the Group A document provided does not include a photograph of the learner, then an additional identity document which does include a photograph of the learner must also be provided so the centre can confirm the identity of the person sitting the assessment. 

Updated Searching Assessment Record 

A reminder that the SIA has updated the indicative content for the ‘demonstrate how to search people and their possessions’ assessment criteria within the Door Supervisor and Security Officer units to clarify what learners are expected to do as part of their practical assessment: 

Conduct a search of an individual, their person and belongings to locate a concealed prohibited item/s. 

  • Be able to use a handheld metal detector. 
  • Be able to search a bag. 
  • Be able to search a coat and/or outer garment (hoodies/hats/scarf/gloves). 
  • Be able to conduct a pat-down search of an individual. 
  • Observe an individual conducting a self-search. 
  • Be able to locate a prohibited item/s during the search. 
  • Be able to take appropriate action on finding a prohibited item/s. 
  • Be able to use radio communications to obtain support. 
  • Be able to hand the found item/s over to a colleague/supervisor. 

Learners must be assessed against each of the points above. Updated Assessment Records are available to download from the Door Supervisor and Security Officer pages of the Security Secure Tests area of the website and must be used for all learners: BTEC Security Secure Tests

Test Notifications 

A reminder that the information provided in the test notification forms submitted MUST be accurate and complete. It is essential that the notification identifies the correct qualification and unit for the test session for each notification form. Please ensure these are correctly selected from the drop down menus and the multiple-choice menu options. Thank you for your co-operation. 


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