Health and Social Care update - February 2022

16 February 2022

An update on everything new within the Health and Social Care sector.

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Update on Lead Practitioner in Adult Care | EPA

Communication received from NSAR on Friday 11 Feb confirms that the following amendment to the existing guidance will be posted on the Adult Care guidance documentation page for the level 4 apprenticeship. This only applies to the observation. Learn more about this standard here: 

Lead Practitioner in Adult Care

Area of concern Guidance
Assessment Plan, page 5: Observation of Practice must include the ability to demonstrate their skills, behaviour and leadership to external/internal stakeholders In line with the nature of the job role, good practice would gravitate towards the observation involving both internal and external staff. For example, this could be an external dementia specialist, local authority social worker, or anyone working beyond the immediate care employer that has a reason to be at the meeting. However, this is not always possible or necessary and the 'external/internal stakeholder' phrase should be taken to mean internal and/or external stakeholders

Considering this communication, we are updating our Specification and EPA resource pack to now include internal and/or external stakeholders for the observation. The updated resources will be available shortly, but our team of assessors have been informed that this is to be implemented with immediate effect.


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