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Updated Meeting Local Needs - climbing communication for 2015 Series

23 September 2014

The temporary extension to the Meeting Local Needs application for Indoor Climbing applications in 2014 has now expired.

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All Meeting Local Needs applications for the 2015 series must be received by the PE Assessment Team by the 30 October 2014.

You should send your application to the PE Assessment Team at physicaleducation@pearson.com and submit the MLN1 form below.

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Pease note that any applications that are not hand-signed will be delayed for processing, and potentially rejected.

Upon a successful application, we will supply you with the criteria for the relevant activity.

Assessment and evidence

Ideally, the Teacher Assessor, not an external assessor, would assess candidates. However, if the activity is held at an external centre and the assessment is carried out by an external coach, either the Teacher Assessor must be present or the coach must provide video evidence and the marks must be signed off by the Teacher Assessor based on the video evidence provided. This video must be made available to Visiting Moderators during the Moderation.

Indoor climbing

Centres who have done their climbing course through a NICAS award can use their course logbook as part of their evidence for moderation.

Outdoor climbing

Outdoor climbing is performed in a natural environment. Artificial climbing walls that are positioned or located outside are not considered outdoor climbing. Centres should assess candidates using the indoor climbing criteria if artificial climbing walls are used during the assessment.  


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