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Summer 2022 Support

GCSE PE - Advance Information Revision Support

To support teachers and learners with preparation for the summer 2022 assessments, we are providing additional support for GCSE Physical Education including: free access to our front-of-class Revision ActiveBooks for Pearson Edexcel GCSE Physical Education, along with advance information revision support. See below document for further information.

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GCE and GCSE PE digital submission for components 3 and 4

Pearson has developed a new digital way for centres to send the NEA/coursework samples to the moderator – this is called the Learner Work Transfer (LWT). You will no longer send anything in the post. You will submit work/evidence digitally. .

You will need to use the LWT for:

  • Component 3 – if you are having a video moderation for component 3 you will need to submit the videos that are part of the sample to your moderator via LWT
  • Component 4 - all work that is part of the sample will be submitted via LWT.

Please remember: You must also submit the final mark for each component for each candidate on EdexcelOnline.

Access a step-by-step guide below. 

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GCSE and GCE PE key dates for the Summer

Just a reminder of the key dates for the Summer 2022






Exam Code













GCSE Physical Education 1PE0 01 Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems Tuesday 24 May Afternoon 1h 45m
GCSE Physical Education 1PE0 02 Component 2: Health and Performance Friday 10 June Afternoon 1h 15m
Physical Education (Short Course) 3PE0 01 Component 1: Theory Tuesday 24 May Afternoon 1h 30m
GCE Physical Education 9PE0 01 Component 1: Scientific Principles of Physical Education Thursday 26 May Afternoon 2h 30m
GCE Physical Education 9PE0 02 Component 2: Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education Friday 10 June Morning 2h 00m

Results Day

GCE – Thursday 18 August 2022

GCSE – Thursday 25 August 2022


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