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Offering additional activities for GCE A level PE

20 August 2014

To avoid requests to offer activities that aren’t listed in the internal assessment guide (IAG), we have produced a list of additional approved activities.

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If the activity you want to offer is not listed on either the IAG or the additional activities list, you can complete a form (AA1) and submit it to us by emailing We will then liaise with you to see if it's an acceptable activity that can be added to the list.

You can download further guidance, a list of approved additional activities and the AA1 form from the course materials section of the GCE PE qualification page.

Centres do not need approval to assess activities listed either in the IAG or on the additional activities list. To assess any activity listed in the IAG or on the additional activities list you should use the published generic criteria to assess your students. The generic criteria can be found on pages 29-32 for the AS level and pages 61-64 for the A2 level of the specification.

If, prior to September 2014, you have been given approval to offer an activity but it is not in the IAG or on the additional activities list, please contact us as soon as possible by emailing

Before completing the AA1 form, please refer to Appendix 5 in the specification (page 89) 'Acceptable physical activities'. You can find the specification in the course materials section.

All applications must be submitted to Pearson by 30 October in the academic year of first teaching.

From September 2014, students will be allowed to offer motorised activities for assessment. You will still need to follow the process for seeking permission to deliver additional activities. We have removed references to Pearson not allowing these activities from the current issue of the specification.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

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