Important Changes to Selecting the Moderation Sample for new Tech Award in Sport (2022)

Thu Apr 20 09:54:00 UTC 2023

There is an important change to the process for selecting the moderation sample for Components 1 and 2 in the new Tech Award in Sport (2022).

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In the previous series, moderators contacted centres to agree the sampled learners  before they could be uploaded to Learner Work Transfer (LWT). However, from this May/June series on, to avoid delays to moderation, the sample does not need to be agreed by the moderator.

  1. The centre will now select the sample - which must come from those with video evidence and must include the learner with the overall highest and overall lowest mark for the whole component.
  2. Final marks (out of 60) must also be submitted on EdexcelOnline.
  3. Evidence must be uploaded directly to Learner work Transfer (LWT) by the mark submission deadline of 1st May (or any extension deadline). To ensure your
    sample contains the correct number of learners and range of marks, please refer
    to pages 11 and 12 of the updated Administrative Support Guide.
  4. A moderator will make contact with the Programme Lead during May, but centres should not wait for contact before uploading samples.

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