GCSE PE Unit 2: Meeting Local Needs for indoor climbing | Pearson qualifications

GCSE PE Unit 2: Meeting Local Needs for indoor climbing

6 October 2014

If you would like to offer indoor climbing, you must apply to offer it through the Meeting Local Needs process.

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To do this you should complete the MLN1 Form below.

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You must offer the activity to the whole cohort through the curriculum or extra-curricular activities.

Please do not use the outdoor climbing criteria. Otherwise, your candidates may be penalised.

All applications must be submitted to Pearson by 30 October in the academic year of assessment.

You'll receive written approval (via email). Please keep it somewhere safe as your moderator may request to see it. If you've lost it, please contact the assessment team and they'll be able to re-send the confirmation. You can contact the Assessment team on physicaleducation@pearson.com.

Please note: You can only offer and assess an activity on the MLN list providing that you have been given approval by Pearson through the MLN process. If you offer/assess an activity on the MLN list without approval, your candidates may be awarded a 0 in that activity on moderation day.


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