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GCSE GCE PE update - upcoming training events and new resources

9 January 2024

In this update I would like to provide some further information on

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Are you prepared for Summer 2024 series for GCSE and/or GCE PE? 

We have set up a few free courses to offer support to help you prepare for the Summer 2024 courses. If you are new to Pearson or an experienced member of staff, why not join one of the free courses so that you are prepared for the summer? 

Event Code Qual Event Title Date Time Register
9PE0-2401/01 A level PE Preparing for Moderation 22/01/2024 16.00-18.00 Register 
9PE0-2402/01 A level PE Preparing for the Summer exam 30/01/2024 16.00-18.00 Register
1PE0-2403/01 GCSE PE Preparing for Moderation 31/01/2024 16.00-18.00 Register 
1PE0-2404/01 GCSE PE Preparing for the summer exam 29/02/2024 16.00-18.00 Register 

GCSE PE – new exemplars for the PEP 

There have been 3 new exemplars and commentaries uploaded onto the website for the PEP – football, netball and volleyball.

In addition to the new PEPs, there are several exemplars, ranging from level 1 to level 5, already on the qualification page. These include PEPs on table tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, rugby union, netball, basketball, cycling and swimming.

Once on the qualification page select ‘Exemplar material’ and you should see a zip file titled ‘PEP Exemplars & Commentaries’. 

GCE PE - A guide on Extended writing questions 

Many teachers have asked for support on the extended writing questions (8 marks and 15 marks). It is important to note that in the extended answer questions, the whole response will be read before placing learners into a particular mark level/band. The quality of the response will determine the specific mark within the level/band. For the 8-mark questions, marks are awarded from three levels/bands with the top-level awarding 6-8 marks. For the 15-mark questions, each level/band has a 3-mark allocation. The top level/band 5 is between 13 and 15 marks.

A guide on Extended writing questions

GCSE/GCE PE – Instructions for the Conduct of NEA 

Every year, we publish a guide to support with the moderation process - this document contains the dates and deadlines as well as explaining the processes and procedures for the moderation process for both Component 3 and 4.  Please take a look at it and I am sure it will answer any queries you may have 

GCSE PE  - Instructions for the Conduct of NEA  

GCE PE – Instructions for the Conduct of NEA

It is recommended that you bookmark the GCSE and/or GCE PE qualification subject webpage and check back regularly so that you remain up to date with information and documentation needed for moderation. 

Please remember that for: 

Component 3 – moderators will contact centres in February to start the moderation process 

Component 4 - you will not have any contact with a moderator.  Mid- April you will be able to look on EdexcelOnline and there will be a tick by the candidates who are part of the sample.  By the 15 May, you must have uploaded the work for every candidate who is part of the sample.

Guidance on how to upload work on Learner Work Transfer 

The only time you may have to upload additional learner work would be if the candidate with the highest and lowest mark has not be selected - in this scenario you would also have to upload their work. 

Do you have a query and want to discuss it with me? 

If you have any queries about any of the BTEC in Sport and GCSE/GCE PE qualifications, why not book an appointment with me and I will be able to support you. 

Book an appointment at a time convenient for you  

I look forward to supporting you with the delivery and assessment of the PE and Sport qualifications. 

Best wishes



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