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GCSE GCE PE - March update

18 March 2024

Welcome to this March 2024 update.

This GCSE/GCE PE update provides information and guidance on the moderation process.  Providing support on submitting the sample for Component 4 and guidance for Component 3 on whether you need to apply for special consideration if you have an injured learner.

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Key dates

Qualification Component Date Time duration
GCSE/GCE PE Component 3 – Moderation window 1 March - 5 May    
GCSE/GCE PE Component 4 – deadline to upload sample 15 May    


1PE0 01

Component 1 – Fitness and Body Systems Wednesday 22 May 2024 afternoon 1hr 30 mins


1PE0 02

Component 2 – Health and Performance Monday 3 June afternoon 1hr 15 mins


9 PE0 01

Component 1- Scientific Principles of Physical Education Friday 24 May morning 2hrs 30 mins


9 PE0 02

Component 2: Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education Wednesday 5 June morning 2hrs
GCE PE  Results day 15 August 2024    
GCSE PE Results day 22 August 2024    

GCSE/GCE PE - Component 4 - you will have no contact from a moderator

For Component 4: PEP - you will not have any contact with a moderator.  Mid- April you will be able to look on EdexcelOnline and there will be a tick by the candidates who are part of the sample. 

You must upload the work for every candidate who is part of the sample on Learner Work Transfer by 15 May. 

The only time you may have to upload additional learner work would be if the candidate with the highest and lowest mark has not be selected - in this scenario you would also have to upload their work. 

Guidance on how to upload work on LWT

Special Consideration

I have received a few queries from teachers asking for advice about learners who are injured for the practical (Component 3).

If you have formally assessed the candidate(s) and awarded the mark during the course of study it is not required for candidate(s) to apply for special consideration. You should submit the marks in the same way as any other candidate and you inform the moderator that the learner is injured and cannot participate in the moderation day. 

However, if the candidate(s) has never been formally assessed in one or more activity during the whole course of study, then they should apply for special consideration.  

If the candidate(s) has failed to participate in an assessment/examination without valid reason, it is expected that they will be awarded the mark of absent and special consideration cannot be requested.  

Centres will need to fill in two forms:  

• JCQ’s Form 10  

• Pearson’s Form 10 (for practical performance)  

Applications for special consideration along with the appropriate documentation, such as a medical certificate, should be sent to uk.special.requirements@pearson.com. 

Further guidance and the forms can be found on the website and in the guidance document

Instructions for the Conduct of NEA guidance document

Special Consideration


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