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BTEC Level 2 Results Day - Summer 2018

17 July 2018

This update is to remind you how to access some documents and services that you may need during the results period for BTEC Level 2 qualifications.

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BTEC Level 2 results day: Wednesday 22 August 

Learners can be informed on this day and don’t have to wait until GCSE results day on Thursday to receive their results.

On-demand testing

On-demand testing involves having several live tests available at any one time so that they can be allocated to your learners at random. This means that your learners will not sit the same test. As is the case with all exams, different tests may have different grade boundaries (which can mean that learners with the same score might obtain a different grade).

This system offers great flexibility as learners can be entered at short notice and they can be entered when they are ready. There is however a flexibility-visibility trade-off. As the tests are live until they are retired, the question papers, mark schemes, examiners' reports and grade boundaries can only be known after a test has been retired. This means that we cannot offer an Access To Scripts service for these tests.

Grade boundaries for on-demand tests are only available once a test has been retired. They are published in the Examiner’s Report.

Question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports

The question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports for unit 1 and unit 7 are available on the qualification page, under course materials - external assessment tab.

I wish you a restful summer break ahead.

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