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Applying for special consideration for GCSE PE

31 March 2015

Find out more about how to apply for special consideration for GCSE PE.

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If you have a candidate who is injured or ill and unable to participate in the GCSE PE moderation day, see the Instructions for the Conduct of Controlled Assessment (ICCA) for examples of different options.

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If you're unable to assess the candidate you will need to apply for special consideration. The special consideration form for GCSE PE is currently being updated and I will share it with everyone as soon as I receive it.

In preparation for submitting the form, you will need to provide one of the following pieces of evidence:

  • Medical evidence such as a hospital appointment/physio letter/ letter from consultant
  • JCQ Form14 (self certificate)
  • Letter from Head of Centre/Head of PE on headed paper.

In addition, on the updated form, there is a box headed ‘reasons for special consideration’. You must provide as much information as possible to explain why a candidate could not participate in moderation day. For example:

  • Candidate's condition
  • Date the candidate is unable to participate
  • Any other information that you may think is relevant.

You must ensure that the information explains that the candidate is ill or injured at the time of assessment or moderation. For example, the candidate was unable to participate in the moderation day which was 1 April 2014 because they are still injured and recovering from a broken leg.

Please contact me if you need any further information.

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