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Amendments to the new GCSE PE (9-1) specification

24 May 2017

The following amendments have been made to the specification and the latest issue (issue 2) can be accessed from the link below.

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1. An agility test has been added (see page 11). It now reads:

   3.2 The components of fitness, benefits for sport and how fitness is measured and improved

   3.2.4 Fitness tests for specific components of fitness:

  • cardiovascular fitness – Cooper 12 minute tests (run, swim), Harvard Step Test
  • agility – Illinois agility run test,
  • strength – grip dynamometer
  • muscular endurance – one-minute sit-up, one-minute press-up 
  • speed – 30m sprint
  • power – vertical jump 
  • flexibility – sit and reach
2. The Karvonen Theory has been simplified (see page 11). It now reads:

   3.3 The principles of training and their application to personal exercise/ training programmes
   3.3.1 Planning training using the principles of training: individual needs, specificity, progressive overload, FITT (frequency, intensity, time, type), overtraining, reversibility, thresholds of training (aerobic target zone: 60–80% and anaerobic target zone: 80%–90% calculated using simplified Karvonen formula i.e.

            (220) - (your age) = MaxHR;
            (MaxHR) x (60% to 80%) = aerobic training zone;
            (MaxHR) x (80% to 90%) = anaerobic training zone)
3. An additional command word has been added (see page 57).  It now reads:

   Predict  - Often used in data related questions, for example where it requires a prediction of what is likely to happen in future, based on given data.

When the specification is updated and a new issue is published, any changes will be identified by a vertical line in the margin.

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