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Edexcel GCSE Music: March 2021 update

Tue Mar 23 14:53:13 UTC 2021

Read the latest news for Edexcel GCSE Music. This will include the latest information for summer 2021.

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Summer 2021

Now the outcomes of the Ofqual consultation have been released the details for summer 2021 are becoming clearer. There is now a better idea of the timeline for the summer.

See the timeline for Summer 2021

The process for providing the Teacher Assessed Grades and the support material that will be provided to centres is also becoming clearer. There are further details on this in the latest bulletin sent to centres.

Read the latest GQ Bulletin for UK qualifications

There will be support for centres for providing Teacher Assessed Grades this summer through Pearson Development Academy. This will include documents and support sessions, so please do sign up for updates.

Sign up for updates on Pearson Development Academy

We are updating all of the guidance documents for GCSE Music that relate to summer 2021 and these will be found in the 'Course materials' section of the specification page.

Access the guidance documents for summer 2021

The situation is changing and information is updated often. Please keep up to date by using the dedicated support page for summer 2021.

See the 2021 support page

What to do for now

  • Continue with NEA components, where possible. These aren't required to be submitted for moderation.
  • Continue to deliver the content for Appraising
  • Begin to think of the sources of evidence you can use to inform your Teacher Assessed Grade

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