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January Maths update

12 January 2023

Welcome to the January update!
Happy New year.

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We currently supply 3D models and shapes with every order that is placed for modified large print and braille papers for all Mathematics exams.

Following recent feedback supplied by centres, there has been a strong indication that not all students require 3D models and shapes.

We have reviewed this feedback along with our current process, and the impact that creating an unused product has on the environment. We would like to reduce the amount of material we are wasting on unused models and shapes that are being supplied unnecessarily to all candidates.

From the summer 2023 exams onwards, we are changing the way we supply 3D models and shapes for use with modified large print papers. If 3D models and shapes are required by a candidate using any modified large print paper (18pt A4, 24pt A4, 24pt A3, 36pt A3) then these must be ordered by emailing additional_requirements@pearson.com. You should supply us with your centre number and modified paper order number from AAO/PAAO (e.g MP123456).

DfE has confirmed that, in 2023, students are not required to memorise formulae for GCSE Mathematics and equations for GCSE Physics and Combined Science. To support this, we will be publishing formulae and equation sheets for summer 2023. We'll let schools and colleges know when these are available.

Exams will take place for GCSE, International GCSE, A level and International AS/A Level in 2023.
We understand that there might be ongoing uncertainty about whether exams can take place in some countries. It's important that you continue to make your entries as usual so that we can fully support you.
May/June 2023 exams
Our guidance document for May/June 2023 can be found below. Supporting documentation will follow shortly.

Our May/June 2023 timetables have now been finalised and are available on our website.

The exam timetables for summer 2023 seek to maintain some of the space built into the exam timetable in 2022 between the first and last exams in the same subject. This spacing was well received by schools and colleges in 2022 and reduces the chance of students missing all exams in a subject due to circumstances such as illness.

All our upcoming entry deadlines this term, for both the January and summer series, are in the following table. As the initial entry deadlines have now passed, any entries submitted for the January series will now be subject to late fees:

We want to make sure that password reset emails for our Maths Emporium and Science Emporium resource sites are getting through to teachers. We’d be grateful if you could ask your IT team to add mail@mathsemporium.com and mail@scienceemporium.com to their safe senders list.

Please do highlight our Maths Emporium and Science Emporium sites to your Maths and Science teams so they can get access to the free qualification supporting resources.

The awarding bodies have collectively agreed a contingency day for several years now which is always scheduled at the end of the GCSE, GCE AS and A-level exam timetables.

The contingency day is in the event of national or significant local disruption to exams in the United Kingdom, being part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for exams.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, further resilience was needed within the exam timetables. A single contingency day was not felt to be sufficient if a national event or incident had a significant effect on the exam timetable. For example, summer exams could be affected by extremely high temperatures.

For the June 2023 exams, the awarding bodies have therefore introduced two additional half-day contingency sessions. These are on Thursday 8 June 2023 and Thursday 15 June 2023. The standard contingency day remains at the end of the timetable being scheduled on Wednesday 28 June 2023.

Schools and colleges should ensure candidates and parents are aware of the contingency arrangements on these three days. They should consider the contingency day of Wednesday 28 June 2023 when making their plans for the summer. Candidates should be encouraged to remain available until Wednesday 28 June 2023 should examinations need to be rescheduled.



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