Summer 2021 Appeals | Pearson qualifications

Summer 2021 Appeals

2 July 2021

This feature provides key support for summer 2021 appeals across all of the Pearson Edexcel language qualifications.

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Visit a special page on our website that provides information and support on the summer 2021 appeals process for all centres following our UK and international academic qualifications.

UK qualifications (GCSE and A level)

You'll see that it features a direct link to the JCQ guidance as well as a linked video to explain the appeals process. It also includes a useful chart for GCSE and A level qualifications showing the different steps:

  •  Before and after grades submission
  •  What to do from Results Day onward

International qualifications

Specific support is provided for our International GCSE and IAL/IAS qualifications too with information on our appeals approach. It outlines some of the key differences to the approach adopted for GCSE an A levels:

  • potential aggregation of UMS and linked ‘cash-in’ grading errors
  • academic judgements linked to the use of ‘unseen assessments’
  • no Ofqual exam procedure review service

Key dates

  • Stage 1: Centre Reviews - 10 August -10 September, 2021 (10 - 20 August for priority cases)
  • Stage 2 Pearson Appeals - 10 August - 17 September, 2021 (10 - 23 August for priority cases)

You can also visit the Pearson Professional Development Academy for further summer 2021 appeals support.

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