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Spelling reforms from the French Academy

Thu Mar 03 12:00:00 UTC 2016

An update on the impact of the French language spelling reforms on Pearson qualifications.

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A great deal of press and media attention has been given recently to spelling reforms from the Académie française which will impact on teaching and school books used in French schools.

The changes, which technically date back to 1990, have proved very controversial, and include:

  • the removal of the circumflex above the letters 'i' and 'u' (where the accent does not change the pronunciation or meaning of the word)
  • a revised spelling list.

The French Education Ministry has, however, advised that the circumflex accent is not disappearing, and that even though new school textbooks will now be standardised to contain the new spellings, students using either 'new' or existing spellings will be given full marks.

Pearson Edexcel Examiner teams are aware of the new French language spelling reforms, but wish to reassure teachers and students that, whilst the new changes will be recognised, the existing correct French language spelling conventions will continue to be accepted.

Learn more about the Académie française spelling reforms (text in French)


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