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Are your students 'future ready'?

24 April 2020

Take a look the 'Future Ready' page on our website to discover more about the appeal of our 'Project' qualifications.

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The Project qualification is noted for promoting skills and knowledge that prepare students for higher education as well as aid thier empoyability. You may already be aware of the 'Extended Project qualifications' used alongside A levels and/or other advanced level vocational qualifications but did you know that there are also Foundation and Higher Project qualifications?

The latest news is that these are now joined by 'Project Qualification Express' which allows for shorter and more intensive pathways through these qualifications.

As one feature of the Project qualifications is that students' written evidence must be in English, language teachers may feel that these have limited value. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that not all evidence has to be created in written form and that a Project qualification primarily focuses on independent research and considers the overall project process.

I recall attending a ‘Young Linguist of the Year Awards Ceremony’ in London some years ago where one of the winners was a gifted linguist who had engaged in some outreach with a local primary school whilst studying for her A levels. This involved her teaching French using materials that she had devised herself and which were based on her own adaptions of a literary text. The project was both an invaluable enrichment activity but also sat well with her other studies and interests. The assessment would not have been based on the French language that she used (although this would have been checked separately) but on a whole series of other skills and knowledge involved from her initial researching and setting up the project and then seeing it come to fruition to her final evaluation of its success.

It’s worth noting that additional research that forms part of an Extended Project qualification, even when findings are presented in English, can support the study of A level language themes and topics and, potentially, lead to much deeper understanding. Foundation and Higher projects can also promote a greater understanding of target language culture that can support or complement GCSE language study.

Our 'Future Ready' page highlights the fact that a Project Qualification can help the development of skills that will equip students well both for higher education and the world of work. You’ll see that you’ll be able to access a series of podcast recordings including one that features Nick Brown – Head of Languages and EPQ at a large Academy School in Lincoln. The first podcast ‘The power of project learning’ is particularly topical and considers how well the Project qualifications are suited to remote learning situations.



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