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GCSE ICT and Computer Science update

Mon Jun 01 13:27:00 UTC 2015

Hello! I'm Tim Brady, Subject Advisor for Computing and ICT subjects here at Pearson, carrying on the support that Gareth Byrne previously provided. 

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A bit about me...

I've been teaching for the last 10 years, and have taught Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. I've taught GCSE ICT and Computer Science, KS4 and KS5 Vocational ICT, and A level ICT, and I was subject leader at my school for the last 5 years.

Before teaching I worked as a chip designer in the semiconductor industry, so I have an engineering and business background. This helps me to understand, in a very personal way, the link between the knowledge we are passing on and how it can help students to find a place in the technological world that they are going on to work in.

The subject specialist Samir Ghanim and I will really try to answer your questions and support you in every way we can.

New 2016 GCSE Computer Science

We've just released (in draft form) the new specification for GCSE Computer Science for first teaching in 2016. The great news is that our specification will only need a little change in terms of non-examined content* – so this means less disruption to your planning and more confidence in delivery going forward.

You can see the specification, sample assessment material, and launch event details on the GCSE Computer Science 2016 page.

*Note: Our draft specification and sample assessment materials submitted to Ofqual are subject to change in the final accredited qualification.


We've had our GCSE ICT controlled assessment deadline, with all the issues related to burning those CD/DVDs (I'm working on adding memory sticks to the allowable media).

The Animal Shelter CAB is now available for an extended third year. This should be a great help with planning.

We're awaiting delivery of this May's GCSE ICT CAB. As soon as it's released, I will let everybody know.

This document gives a summary of CAB availability.

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2015 GCSE Computer Science

We're looking forward to the first GCSE Computer Science exam this week – good luck, everyone.

I hope you've found this information useful. As ever, if you have further questions you can contact Samir Ghanim (Subject Specialist for Computing and ICT) and me using the details below. You can also follow me on Twitter @PearsonICT and @Pearson_CS. We also offer a live chat service to answer any quick questions you have - see the contact page for details

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