Edexcel GCSE Computer Science (2016)

Here, you'll find everything you need to prepare for the changes to GCSE Computer Science from 2016, including our accredited specification and sample assessment materials.

We have recently had confirmation from Ofqual that, in the current circumstances, the 'timetabled 20 hours' required for the programming project no longer has to be completed under supervised conditions. Students can now work on their project at home.  

In addition, we will not be requesting any students’ work in May 2021.  

We are updating our guidance documentation to reflect these changes along with additional information about the Head of Centre Declaration and authentication form.  We will communicate these to you as soon as possible.

Our new specification enables students to apply 'computational thinking' in context, across both examined and non-examined assessment.

We prepare students for real-world computer challenges and build students' ability to think computationally within the context of a single scenario.

'Computational thinking' is integrated throughout the content to embed this essential approach to the subject.


Our qualification is modern and relevant, but has changed very little as we anticipated the recent changes.

Our specification builds on research and learning conducted with teachers, experts from HE, professional bodies, and Computer Science associations.

Our qualification has a straightforward structure. It has six clear topics, rather than paper-led content, to give you flexibility in the way you approach content.

It encourages refinement in the NEA, allowing students to revisit and update their projects as they would in a real world scenario. It caters for the full ability range through accessible scenarios, which are relevant and engaging.

Our qualification also provides you with clear and easily applied mark schemes which outline exactly what students need to achieve for each level.

We clearly explain the new teaching and learning requirements and how students need to approach both written and practical assessments.  

We'll provide a full programme of teaching and learning support to help you to plan, teach and track/assess our new Edexcel (9-1) GCSE with confidence. Our Computer Science subject advisor, and former teacher, Tim Brady, is available to offer you the support and advice you need.

Our qualification develops 'underpinning knowledge' and transferable skills for progression to A levels or BTEC Nationals and to higher education or the workplace. It includes topics that extend students' understanding and aid progression, such as the internet and databases. 


Qualification type:
General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
Level 1/2
Accreditation status:
Computer Science
Specification codes:
UK and international
First teaching:
First assessment:


Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 2016 specification
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Training events

Our training events will support you in delivering our new Edexcel GCSE Computer Science specification for first teaching from September 2016.

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Teaching support

We'll support you in planning and implementing the new GCSE Computer Science qualification through:

  • training events and documents from past events
  • free planning, and teaching and learning resources
  • free resources to help you understand the standard
  • our computer science subject advisor service, led by Tim Brady.

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