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BTEC Tech Award July Update

Thu Jul 20 23:00:00 UTC 2023

As we fast approach the end of the academic year, I know you will be looking forward to a well-earned break. I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has worked hard this year to prepare and support learners through teaching, learning and assessment.

We can now look ahead to results day(s) in August.

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Results for May/June series internal assessments

Results for the May/June series will be issued to centres on 16 August and can be released to learners on the 24 August. On results day, you will also have access to the final moderator reports (on Edexcel Online), which include feedback on your marking, and you’ll be able to download Principal Moderator reports from the subject qualification page, detailing outcomes of the series overall and giving helpful guidance for future series.

Tech Award 2022 DIT Qualification Page

If you have concerns about your results after having reviewed your moderator report and final marks, you can request a review of moderation (Service 3) (RoM) from results day until 28 September. Post-results service requests cannot be submitted until all learners have received their results.

Review of Moderation

You can refer to our support articles for information on how to access learner results, moderator reports and request post-results services:

BTEC Tech Awards 2022: Search for Results
BTEC Tech Awards 2022: Results Reports (Bulk Download)
BTEC Tech Awards 2022: Post-Results Services (PRS)
BTEC Tech Awards 2022: Accessing & Downloading Moderator Reports

Key dates for the 2023/24 academic year

We’ve put all the key dates you’ll need for the next academic year of the Tech Awards into one handy reference document, including registration dates for new learners, release dates for PSAs, entry deadlines, external exam timetables and results dates. These can be found on the

Key Dates Schedule 2023/24

Overall Qualification Certification

This summer marks the last session for this version of the qualificatoin and all learners currently in year 11 should be already set up by your Exams Officers for claims to be done. please check that all finishing learners are ready to claim certification having results for all three components.

Component 3

If you want help with Post results services see the

Post-results services webpage.


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