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BTEC Tech Award April Update

24 April 2023

We are in the final year of the outgoing specification and the second series for the 2022 suite is upon us. This means that there are quite a few questions I hope I can address some here, and as always contact me directly for any further guidance.

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Component 3

If you want help with Post results services see the

Post-results services webpage.

All entries now for the last session for Component 3 should have been made. 

Component 1 and Component 2

All Standards Verifiers (SV) are now allocated and you can find contact details in Edexcel Online (EOL) for these, since this is the final series for Standards Verification for the Tech Awards your alloctaed SV is the best person to discuss sample requirements with so make contact as early as possible.

If a component was assessed last academic year or was started last academic year and ths is evident in your assessmet plan then these components are recognised to have been eligible for reduced assessment and your SV will understand when evidence of assessment for LA-A is not available.


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Edexcel Online (EOL)

We have moved the Tech Award 2022 menu item so it is nearer the top see here:

Earlier Publication of PSAs

In response to feedback we have decided to publish our Pearson Set Assignments earlier. One month earlier for both the annual assessment windows these new dates are captured in the revised Key Dates Schedule.

For Dec/Jan session PSA published early September

For May/June session PSA published early January.

Support Index

This Support Index is incredibly useful for a new qualification like our 2022 Tech Awards, some of the documents are specifically relevant to teachers and some are more useful for Exams Officers but it is good that all of you have access to these articles:

Support Index

Complimentary Training events

We have ondemand training sessions available in a pre-recorded format for you to view.

Marking and Moderation for Internally Assessed Components

Dec/Jan Session

Results for the internally assessed componets were released 22nd/23rd March. You can access your final Moderator reports as shown in this helpful guide

Accessing & Downloading Moderator Reports

If you have problems you can apply for Review of Moderation Service 3 from results day and up to 20th April, more details can be seen at the webpage below:

Post-results Services

NB: Re-Entry for Resit
If you want to re-enter a student who had not achieved to poptential in the Dec/Jan series in the May/Jun series the entry normal deadline of 21st February is extended to 1st April.


May/Jun Session

The ASG is the primary source for control conditions information. If you have specifc questions please come directly to me.

Administrative Support Guide DIT


Deadline for submission of Raw marks and Sample work is 1st May, many have asked for a 7 day extenstion which are being granted, extensions of more than 7 days need special approval.

See the support index referenced above for details of how to enter Raw marks into EOL, and how to upload samples using Learner Work Transfer (LWT)


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