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Health and Social Care update - July 2018

Mon Jul 23 12:56:00 UTC 2018

This update contains information about changes to the BTEC Nationals - Unit 4 and changes to the BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care - Component 3. There is a link to the exam timetable to help you with planning.

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Changes to the BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care - Component 3

In response to customer feedback and an internal review, changes have been made to the external assessment:

  • the assessment will be undertaken in one sitting timetabled by Pearson.
  • the assessment period has been reduced from three to two hours.
  • the amount of contextual material for learners to read has been reduced.

Please note that that the reduction in the assessment time, has been mitigated by the reduction in the amount of contextual material learners must read. The assessment time is now in line with similar external assessments in the Tech Award suite.

These changes will take place with immediate effect and will apply to the February 2019 series onwards.

The content of Component 3 has not changed, teaching and preparation done to date for this component are still relevant.

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Changes to the BTEC Nationals Health and Social Care - Unit 4

There have been a number of changes to unit 4. This includes the amount of time that the students can have to prepare and the number of pages of notes that they can take into the Part B exam. There is new Sample Assessment material for this unit which gives you more information.

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Exam timetables

There is exam timetable for the BTEC Firsts, Nationals and Tech Award that you will help you with your planning. 

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