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BTEC Summer 2020 Results day update

14 July 2020

Here is the Summer 2020 results day update to highlight the key information you will need during this summer. 

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BTEC Level 3 Results day
13 August 2020
BTEC Level 2 Results day
20 August 2020
Results for internal units/components and qualifications
Rolling release 16 July-early August

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Extraordinary regulatory framework: VTQ, Covid-19 Conditions and Requirements

Here is Ofqual's regulatory requirements for awarding organisations offering vocational and technical qualifications during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Access the documents here

Pearson’s approach to awarding results in Summer 2020

From the link below, you will access the document explaining Pearson's approach to awarding results in Summer 2020, in line with the extraordinary regulatory framework. 

Access document here

VTQs Statistical Model for Summer 2020

Walk through of the VTQs statistical model used to issue grades in summer 2020.

Watch the video here

Getting results on the day

Find out how you can access results through edexcel online from the link below.

Receiving results through edexcel online

You can also watch a short video on how to access the external assessment results from the link below.

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Centre Appeals for Vocational and Technical

Grounds for appeals

Centres will be able to appeal this summer, if;

  • If they have provided incorrect data
  • they believe we have used the wrong data for standardisation
  • we have allocated or communicated results incorrectly, 
  • they believe we have not followed the process consistently and fairly. 

There will be further details for vocational appeals available in the coming weeks.

2020-2021 Academic year 

Ofqual update: The direction ahead for vocational and technical qualifications

Access the Ofqual document, setting the factors and principles shaping their operation and regulation for the vocational and technical qualifications, from the link below. 

The direction ahead for vocational and technical qualifications

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