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December 2022 Politics subject update

29 November 2022

This update contains useful information, news and advice for Edexcel Politics teachers.

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New A level Politics mock papers now available

We have created a new set of mock papers for Edexcel A level Politics which can be downloaded from the qualification page. We hope teachers will find these papers useful in helping to prepare students for this summer's examinations.

New mocks moderation service for A level Politics

We are pleased to announce that we will be including A level Politics in our new mocks moderation service from January 2023.

This paid-for service allows you to provide your students with their mock results whilst supporting your, or your team’s, marking skills. By sending in a sample of your exam papers, our moderators can supply commentaries and reports to help you understand the mark scheme and provide reassurance that your marking is aligned with the Edexcel standard for A-Level Politics. You'll need to submit a sample of around 15% of your own marked papers, which will be reviewed by our team of expert moderators. Your school will then receive script commentaries and the moderation report.

The cost of using the mocks moderation service is £18 per student’s script but we are offering a special 30% discount for A level Politics teachers who use the service until May 2023. To claim the discount you must use the following code: POLMK30

Politics mocks moderation service survey

We'd love to hear whether the new Politics mocks moderation service would be of interest to your centre. Please complete this short survey to let us know.

A level Politics Summer 2022 feedback event materials

This term we ran an event providing feedback on the Summer 2022 exam series. You can now download the materials from this event on our qualification page.

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Updated case study on Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

We recently updated our case study which suggests ways in which to use Boris Johnson as the post-1997 example on prime-ministerial powers. The case study was updated to cover the final period of his term in office including the causes of his downfall and what it reveals about the constraints on the PM’s power.

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