A level Politics update January 2018

Fri Jan 19 00:00:00 UTC 2018

This update contains the latest news about AS and A level Politics.

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Notice of changes to the assessment materials for new AS and A level Politics

Due to a review of the assessment materials for the new AS and A level Politics qualifications, we have made some minor changes to some candidate instructions and one question in particular in the sample assessments. The rubric has been amended on AS and A level source questions to clarify use of own knowledge when responding to these questions. Please see this notice of changes to assessment for more details:

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The set of additional specimen papers reflect these changes. 

We have also amended the A level source question suggested template in response to feedback from teachers:

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Updated Getting Started Guide

Following feedback from teachers we have made some slight changes to the Getting Started Guide to improve its clarity. In the content guidance section, we have reduced the amount of examples in the exemplification columns. This should better indicate the depth and breadth each part of the specification content may be taught to. We have also made some grammatical and stylistic improvements throughout.  

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A reminder: this guidance is intended to supplement teachers’ own knowledge and resources when exemplifying the specification content in the classroom. 

Summer 2018 entry deadline 

It is now possible to make entries for the Summer 2018 examination series. The deadline for UK centres to make entries for the Summer 2018 series is 21 February 2018, for AS and A level Government and Politics (legacy specification) and new AS Politics. After these dates late entry fees may be charged. Please note that your exams officer will have their own internal deadlines in order to get the information necessary to make entries. 

A level Politics training events on USA, Global Politics and Politics Ideas 

We are running a series of training events to support teachers delivering the new A level Politics specification. There will be specific events which will focus on the content and assessment requirements of the USA, Global Politics and Political Ideas components. These training courses are optional to attend, and are not necessary for the delivery of the qualification. More events will be put on if there is sufficient demand.

Recording of a Getting Ready to Teach event for new AS and A level Politics

If you were unable to attend one of our Getting Ready to Teach events for the new A level Politics specification, or would like a refresher, you can watch a recording of an online event: 

Examiner vacancies for Politics

We are still recruiting examiners to mark the new AS Politics scripts this summer. If you are interested in becoming an examiner on the new specification please apply online. This is a great opportunity to develop your CPD, understand more about the specification and improve your teaching. 

We also require examiners for the legacy AS and A2 Government and Politics papers in Summer 2018. 

Summer 2018 examination timetables 

The Summer 2018 examination timetables can be found online. Please remember that the new AS specification appears under the title ‘Politics’ rather than Government and Politics. 

We hope you found this update useful. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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